The Library: Notes

  The story originated in a dream. Not the whole story, just the wallpaper part. Maybe to most people it would have been more of a nightmare but to me, dreams like this one are more like horror movies. In fact, I once had a dream end in credits; I’ll admit that was strange.

  The original ending had the ‘hero’ become pissed off at the librarian when he figured out what was going on, then I couldn’t find a satisfactory thread to follow to a conclusion so I ditched it. I decided that I wanted him to ask for forgiveness but be denied.

  I have a personal moral disagreement with the church’s Act of Contrition. If you know something you’re doing is wrong and then confess it, why should you then be let off the hook for your sins? I’ve committed sins that at the time I knew were against the laws of God and/or man but still committed them. So I tell a priest and I still get to go to Heaven?

  This story ended up being about that personal dilemma. Please comment about anything that bothers you. I need criticism. I can’t get better at telling the movies I have playing in my head without it.

  As always, thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to read and comment. Mig,


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