Nonagad: Chapter 9- Temp Finale.

 OK, I’m bailing on this story. It’s lingered too long in my head and the minions that run the movies in there seem to have lost interest.

 Possible endings are as follows:

 Regardless of the ending, Zack sent a team of raiders to the north side of the village to climb the cliff and take the Rook tower. He suspected correctly, that side of the tower would be unguarded.

1) The tribe takes over Home and Ellie assists. Her artificial Intelligence, (AI,) decides that the tribe’s people are better equipped mentally and more physically diverse to keep the town and her systems going. There’s a fight scene, people die, Charlie has to end his father’s life in a similar fashion to how his Uncle died. Very brutal, very touching…

2) Home’s forces successfully fight off the invasion with Ellie’s help. Maybe a big gun hiding in the Rook Tower’s broken clock face. Yes I know I never introduced a broken clock in the tower, should have thought of it sooner. Also big fight scene, blood, carnage, blah-blah-death.

3) Unseen ending. If I continued to write it, only God and the minions in my mind know what would have happened. I think I over thought this story. It was supposed to be short.

The original idea:

 Abandoned military lab which was used to research Nano-bot technology goes into disrepair after some unknown global event. Most likely caused by humans. Ellie is the mainframe that runs the facility and controls the entire base. The Nano-bots are distributed through water she produces. Her people, and those she wants to scan, drink it and she can tell everything about them in addition to being able to control many of their bodily functions.

The invasion was supposed to be thwarted by the bots being ingested by the invaders. The problem was I started to like them and dislike the town’s people. Lost my thread, sorry for anyone who got invested. Pick and ending an let your imagination play it out for you.

Sorry again.

PS. Oh yeah, the name. Nano-God. Played with the letters. Ooo, I’m so witty. They can’t all be gems.


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