A Ghost’s Story: Chapter 5.2

If you’re a follower of this story, you’ll notice I changed the name. I decided it isn’t just a story about ghosts, it’s the story of a particular one. Hence the name change. Hope you like it.

A Ghost’s Story: 5.2

Stopping next to a shimmering silver and grey bubble, Doc turned to me, “You’re up Auggie”

I looked at the ball, then at him. “Up for what?”

“Go inside.” Again as if I should have known what he meant.

“Inside that?” I said pointing at the orb next to us.

“Yes Auggie,” he nodded, “I believe you can.”

“Doc, when you were alive,” I said trying my best to not sound annoyed, “did people tell you to go fuck yourself a lot?”

He looked surprised that I would talk to him that way.

“Doc, didn’t I just say to you five minutes ago, or whatever passes for time here, to tell us anything we might have to know before we have to know it?”

“Oh is that what you meant?” He seemed genuinely perplexed.

“Yes,” I said exasperated, “I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say we don’t want any surprises.”

“Yes, yes of course.” He looked at Roger and Lucy, “no more surprises, I’ll try. But for now, we need you to go in there and talk to whomever you meet.”

Puzzled, and more than a little annoyed that he really didn’t get it, I asked, “Why don’t we just knock? Like Roger did for me?”

“We tried before we came to get you.” He said, oblivious to the fact that he continued to piss me off. “Whoever’s in there won’t come out and none of us can get in. We’d like you to try. ”

“What do you mean by whoever? Didn’t you conjure them up when you were alive?” I was still annoyed but curious.

“I did make the attempt,” he said, “but I couldn’t get a response. I think it was too soon.”

He paused only long enough to notice the grimace I was directing his way.

“Oh sorry, by that I mean that the person passed away recently. I don’t think spirits can communicate when they are just becoming acclimated with their new reality. ”

I guess berating him was beginning to pay off.

“So how do we know someone’s in there that we need to talk to?” I asked.

“Simply.” He began what turned out to be anything but simple, “I was the one who discovered the murder scene. I figured out where the demon was going next but I unfortunately arrived too late. I discovered the body and called the Police. Before they arrived I tried to contact the victim to no avail. Of course I didn’t know it at the time but he was still here. The killer I mean. The whole time I was calling out to a spirit that I didn’t even know the name of. I never got the chance to talk to the victim or the Police for that matter. He killed me before I could find out any details about the crime.”

Now my curiosity was piqued, “So you tracked him here but you were too late to help the victim. You knew the where and when, but you didn’t know the who?”

“Exactly.” He explained, “I was able to deduce his next kill by following clues I got from interviewing his past victims. There is a pattern to the locations and approximate times. If I had known about Lucy’s zodiac theory… Well I may have been here in time. Unfortunately I arrived too late save them. I still don’t know how you are all connected personally to the killer, but you are connected.”

I looked at the bubble in front of me. “So you have no idea who our ‘who’ is in there do you?” I asked apprehensively.

“That is correct Auggie. With this reality,” he said, “I don’t know who’s in there.”

“OK then,” I replied. “As you said, I’m up aren’t I?”

I walked around the bubble, looking for an obvious entrance. Finding none I stuck out my hand to touch the surface. There was no resistance, my arm disappeared to just past my wrist.

It’s one of those odd cold but not painfully so feelings. Like fishing for a cold brew in the bottom of a water and ice filled cooler. Withdrawing my arm, I watched as it reintegrated into the shape I was familiar with being one of my appendages. Gold and silver sparkles floated around at the end of the stump created where I stopped pushing my hand in. It took a few seconds but did merge back together.

“Spooky man, it was hard as a rock when we tried.” Roger said quietly. Well as quietly as a giant of a man can speak. It was the volume of my normal speaking voice.

“Spooky Roger?” I asked rhetorically. “You’re a ghost dude, you’re spooky. We’re all spooky. That was just plain fucked up.”

He nodded and shrugged in agreement.

“OK Doc, I’ll do it.” I said resigned to the fact that it was necessary. “Is there anything I should know?” I asked trying to drag out anything he might have inadvertently held back.

“You should be prepared for the questions that first contacts always ask.” He said surprisingly giving up information without me have to berate him again. “There are stock questions I’ve learned through experience that I’m asked when I talk to a spirit for the first time. We’ll run through them so you’re prepared.”

“Sure thing Doc.” I said. “But I’m not doing the seance voice alright?”

I was kidding, he didn’t get it, neither did Lucy. Roger had to bend over to whisper in her ear and explain what I meant. She laughed while the Doc still looked puzzled.

After running through questions that I was familiar with, after all I had asked them when I first met him. And then some that didn’t fit me but did make sense since I really didn’t know who I’d meet in there. When both Doc and I felt I was ready, I stepped towards the bubble.

“Well, wish me luck.” I said as I took a full step onto a chain of events that even the brilliant Dr. Bukowski could never have seen coming, and walked through the shell of the bubble in to meet the unknown.


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