A Ghost’s Story: Chapter 7.2

A Ghost’s Story. Chapter 7.2

 The events of the next few seconds occurred so quickly my mind couldn’t process them fast enough to comprehend what was happening. I was frozen in place unsure of what to do or whom to help. 

By the time I regained my wits enough to counter; Roger and Lucy were embers evaporating into the sepia tinted air around me, the tear into our side of the ‘life/death’ wall had closed, what appeared to be bits and pieces of Doc were floating about, albeit in a more stable state of disarray than our other two companions, and I was standing between Rita and my bubble guarding it like a besieged goalie on a 5 to 3 power play.

She was holding the shining blade to my throat, and with her this close to me I could see the weapon originated at her elbow. Replacing her forearm, wrist and hand, was a double edged flat foil that gleaned in the otherwise dull atmosphere.

Not knowing what tact to take, I decided on belligerence.  “I’m already dead, you can’t hurt me, you psycho,” I spat at her, a pointless gesture considering nothing came out of my mouth but a grey puff of dust. “Your knife will sting but I’ll come right back.”

“Is that what you truly believe August?” She asked slowly, seductively. Trying to make me doubt what I hoped to be true. “What really happened to that little whore Lucy and her giant man Roger?”

Sliding the blade slowly down my body, she rested the tip just under the worn elastic top of my loose pajama bottoms. Leaning in close to my ear, I felt her tongue dart out and touch just inside the opening. Her voice erotically low, soft, and moist, “Roger had a huge cock y’know.” Another quick wet lick sent shivers through my body. “I cut it off; do you want to see it?”

The urge to push away almost overwhelmed me; knowing I’d fall back into my own bubble taking her with me just barely kept me in place. Doc was still no help, his form continued to slowly merge back together. The shock of the caped man’s brief appearance on this side of the, surprisingly porous, wall between our worlds was still with me. The ease at which he seemed to have moved between them and shred Doc wasn’t something I thought was possible.

I needed to get her away from here; I would rather risk losing my soul forever than let her take Suzie.

I changed my tune; I had to buy time for Doc to recover. Not that I expected much help from him at this point; he seemed to have missed this potential scenario completely.

“What do you want from me?” I was petrified at her response.

“You darling,” she said in that low smoky voice that in another setting I would have found enticing, “are my future. Our future, my lover and I.”

“What are you taking about? Who’s your lover?” I had a feeling I might know who she meant, and it frightened me.

“Oh you’re smarter than that.” She said with a wink and a nod towards the spot the opening had been. “Doc’s demon of course?”

I was relieved and confused. I assumed she meant that I was predestined to be with her, the thought of which was scary even before the events of the last few moments. I couldn’t fathom why she and the caped man would ever be together.

“How could that be?” I said, “He killed you,” I was trying to make sense of what was happening. “He murdered all of us.”

She laughed deeply as she stepped away, “he’s killed more than just you four. As for me,” she spoke as she walked towards Doc’s swirling cloud and began playfully stirring the dancing glitter with her normal hand, “he released me from that wretched life. This is where I belong, this is where I’m alive, and he’ll join me soon. That’s why we need you and that boring creature you’re keeping inside that precious bubble of yours.”

“She’s innocent in this,” I jumped towards Rita, “leave her out of it.”

She spun back to me, razor sharp tip pointed at my chest, “Innocence is an archaic concept. Nobody is guilt free, your precious Suzie included. Everybody is guilty of something, some transgression, some sin.”

Not backing down I continued advancing, I stopped when the thin tip of her blade pierced my chest. It burned as it pushed into me.

“Cut me up, go ahead.” I wasn’t bluffing, “Slice me to pieces like Doc or mash me into oblivion like the others, I don’t care. You’ll never get to Suzie.”

She smiled as she took a step forward driving the blade through me. The white hot silver blade easily slid through me. When her elbow touched my chest she leaned in close to my face.

“Don’t be so chivalrous August, you really have no idea who or what you’re dealing with. Do you really think you’re the first soul we’ve used like this?  Does all of this seem like the work of a couple trying to figure this out as they go along?”

She laughed again in a guttural chortle that reminded me she isn’t human. I needed to buy time, to get her away from my home, from Suzie.

I suddenly felt a greater need, a desire to help not just my beloved Suzie from being pulled into this nightmare, but to save others in both worlds from eternal damnation because of this demonic pair.

I had to stop her from reconnecting with her love as I tried to reclaim my own. Even at the cost me my own soul.


A Ghost’s Story: Chapter 7.1

A Ghost’s Story: 7.1

 Following a lead that Doc worked out from interviewing Rita, we head back towards my bubble. This comforted me, maybe it would be safe to stop in and see Suzie. Secretly I hoped that she would be back to normal, just dead, not dead and possessed.

As we approach my blue home, I’m apprehensive, not the comforting feeling I expected.

Doc and I are walking in the lead, the others trailing behind far enough that I’m confident they can’t here the two of us speaking.

Glancing back I see Rita giggling while talking to Roger, obviously flirting with the big man. Lucy is in her usual place by his side. clutching his arm as if it were a life preserver and they were adrift at sea. It occurs to me that in a way she is, we all are. Adrift in this barren world alone together trying to survive.

Looking at Doc I say quietly just in case I’m wrong about being out of earshot, “I know it’s cliché but I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

“How so?” He replies mimicking my volume.

“Can’t put my finger on it Doc but I had thought about going in to check on Suzie, but now I don’t want that wacko Rita to know where I live.” I added, “Where I lived anyway. I just don’t trust her.”

A piercing scream shattered the ethereal silence the moment the thought crossed my lips. We spin in time to see Rita slashing at Roger, her right arm is gone; it had morphed into a long silver blade. Lucy is nowhere in sight but hovering just next to the embattled giant is a slowly dissolving mass of shimmering gold flecks.

“This is a little earlier than expected.” Rita laughed, “But it’s fun anyway.”
The air around us is suddenly very warm and moist, it felt like the blast of hot humid air that hits you in the face when opening a dishwasher that’s still in mid-cycle. The difference being that the sticky hot moisture is all around us. We’re immersed in it carried on a breeze coming from behind us, from the direction of my bubble, my home, my Suzie. In unison we turn back in the direction we were heading, a jagged tear appears in front of us, from its edge I can see the bright, sharp colors of the living world. The humidity is pouring through from the gash accompanied by a thunderous whooshing sound as the breeze becomes stronger.

Looking at Doc I yell over the noise, “Doc what do we do? What the hell just happened to Lucy? What is that thing?”
He didn’t answer, or even acknowledge I had spoken. Eyes wide, mouth agape, he walks slowly towards the opening. I saw his unbuttoned coat flapping in the wind as he approached.
Behind me I could hear Roger cursing and screaming a deep rush of a scream accompanied by Rita’s cackling with an insane laughter.
Doc stopped in front of the opening, his right hand held up to shield his eyes from the bright sunlight pouring in from the living world.
“Auggie!” He shouted over the sound of the gushing wind,”I can see everything, it’s beautiful.”
Reaching both hands out, he grasped the two sides of the slit and began moving closer. Turning his head towards me he called out, “Auggie, I’m going through.”
Because Doc was facing me and not the hole, I saw the figure before he had a chance to react. It was so fast I didn’t have time to warn him, to help at all. I could only watch in shock as I saw the caped man step up from the other side of reality and slice Doc to bits.