A Ghost’s Story: Chapter 7.1

A Ghost’s Story: 7.1

 Following a lead that Doc worked out from interviewing Rita, we head back towards my bubble. This comforted me, maybe it would be safe to stop in and see Suzie. Secretly I hoped that she would be back to normal, just dead, not dead and possessed.

As we approach my blue home, I’m apprehensive, not the comforting feeling I expected.

Doc and I are walking in the lead, the others trailing behind far enough that I’m confident they can’t here the two of us speaking.

Glancing back I see Rita giggling while talking to Roger, obviously flirting with the big man. Lucy is in her usual place by his side. clutching his arm as if it were a life preserver and they were adrift at sea. It occurs to me that in a way she is, we all are. Adrift in this barren world alone together trying to survive.

Looking at Doc I say quietly just in case I’m wrong about being out of earshot, “I know it’s cliché but I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

“How so?” He replies mimicking my volume.

“Can’t put my finger on it Doc but I had thought about going in to check on Suzie, but now I don’t want that wacko Rita to know where I live.” I added, “Where I lived anyway. I just don’t trust her.”

A piercing scream shattered the ethereal silence the moment the thought crossed my lips. We spin in time to see Rita slashing at Roger, her right arm is gone; it had morphed into a long silver blade. Lucy is nowhere in sight but hovering just next to the embattled giant is a slowly dissolving mass of shimmering gold flecks.

“This is a little earlier than expected.” Rita laughed, “But it’s fun anyway.”
The air around us is suddenly very warm and moist, it felt like the blast of hot humid air that hits you in the face when opening a dishwasher that’s still in mid-cycle. The difference being that the sticky hot moisture is all around us. We’re immersed in it carried on a breeze coming from behind us, from the direction of my bubble, my home, my Suzie. In unison we turn back in the direction we were heading, a jagged tear appears in front of us, from its edge I can see the bright, sharp colors of the living world. The humidity is pouring through from the gash accompanied by a thunderous whooshing sound as the breeze becomes stronger.

Looking at Doc I yell over the noise, “Doc what do we do? What the hell just happened to Lucy? What is that thing?”
He didn’t answer, or even acknowledge I had spoken. Eyes wide, mouth agape, he walks slowly towards the opening. I saw his unbuttoned coat flapping in the wind as he approached.
Behind me I could hear Roger cursing and screaming a deep rush of a scream accompanied by Rita’s cackling with an insane laughter.
Doc stopped in front of the opening, his right hand held up to shield his eyes from the bright sunlight pouring in from the living world.
“Auggie!” He shouted over the sound of the gushing wind,”I can see everything, it’s beautiful.”
Reaching both hands out, he grasped the two sides of the slit and began moving closer. Turning his head towards me he called out, “Auggie, I’m going through.”
Because Doc was facing me and not the hole, I saw the figure before he had a chance to react. It was so fast I didn’t have time to warn him, to help at all. I could only watch in shock as I saw the caped man step up from the other side of reality and slice Doc to bits.


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