The Ledge Theory

The ledge theory of storytelling.

By Wayne Hills

Put your main character on a precipice so that if they fall, they’re dead.

That cliff could be real, a physical or imaginary height. The fall would maim or kill them, or in the case of an emotional or fiscal abyss, ruin their life.

Your reader will have that thought in their mind throughout the story, always knowing that at any moment, it will be over for the character.

Good or evil, the story will be carried by that momentum.


1 thought on “The Ledge Theory

  1. When I’m writing I do exactly this! I put my character up on the top of the cliff, and when they fall, they have to grip into a large ledge, pull them selves up, and then plum it once more to an even smaller ledge, all before hitting rock bottom, growing wings, and making it all the way back to the top.

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