Week one progress.

Reviewed my open projects to decide which to work on. Most of them can be found elsewhere in the blog if anyone is so inclined.

  • A Ghost’s Story. Chapter 1 A story inspired by the thought that if a ghost kills you, then you’re on the same side of the ethereal plane as they are and now you can kick its ass.
  • Nonagad. Chapter 1. A dystopian tale of a community run by an ancient AI left by a long forgotten government to keep the human race going and what happens when humans who had been left to fend for themselves come upon it.
  • I Was: My Prior Life. My longest incomplete work. Several chapters have been adapted into standalone short stories and have been published in various anthologies. A zombie-based tale of love, loss, and betrayal.
  • The Detective’s Nephew. Sorry, no link to this one. Buddy detective story set in noir style of a disgraced cop and his gender fluid nephew in a time when such things were ignored or frowned upon at best. Semi comedic.
  • A Spirit’s Guide To Spirits. Also no link. Another longish start and one of my favorite WIPS, (Work In Progress.) Everyone has a spirit guide, a fairy Godmother type whose only power is to suggest the path people should take in their day to day decisions. Like people, because they were at one time, some are better at it than others. Not everyone can see them, and even less can interact, but Nate Thompson, a hard-drinking PI, can see and interact with all of them ever since he died and was brought back while in the war. I’d like to say hilarity ensues, but it’s a much darker tale.

In addition to going over, and in some cases locating the files for the above, I’ve Beta-read a short story for a fellow indie, Lynn van Lier. It’s not my place to give anything away in her tale, but I can say there is a lot of good stuff there, she’s got a winner going.

I also researched a couple of websites looking for submissions, and am working on trying to revise a 2K hero-based story down to under 1,000. I’ve got a modern political twist brewing but not a lot of time to get it done.

I’ll update my progress next week.

Feel free to look at the linked stories and please share and leave comments.

Thanks all.



2018 Literary goals

In order to achieve my dream of writing during my retirement–which in the interest of full disclosure won’t happen for at least another decade give or take–I’ve decided to use this new year for a new plan.
Up until now I’ve written, and had published, a lot of short stories, but nothing that paid me anything needing to be declared on my taxes. In 2018 I want to change that.

Every day this year I will do something to forward that goal: write a bit of substance, edit, read–yes, reading counts as progress–submit, anything to grow and create.
Each day I’ll post what I’ve done.

Today, January 1st–Happy New Year, BTW–I’m re-editing my Romcom ‘Stolen Love’ for submission to a romance collection.

This story has already been published but since I retain the rights to it–and I just heard about this yesterday with a deadline of today–I’ll send it off.

Good luck to all of you in your endeavors and I wish you a Happy, healthy, and safe 2018.

–Edited to include the link to the existing anthology.
The Way To My Heart Anthology

Submitted to Smoking Pen Press.

Smoking Pen Press