2018 Literary goals

In order to achieve my dream of writing during my retirement–which in the interest of full disclosure won’t happen for at least another decade give or take–I’ve decided to use this new year for a new plan.
Up until now I’ve written, and had published, a lot of short stories, but nothing that paid me anything needing to be declared on my taxes. In 2018 I want to change that.

Every day this year I will do something to forward that goal: write a bit of substance, edit, read–yes, reading counts as progress–submit, anything to grow and create.
Each day I’ll post what I’ve done.

Today, January 1st–Happy New Year, BTW–I’m re-editing my Romcom ‘Stolen Love’ for submission to a romance collection.

This story has already been published but since I retain the rights to it–and I just heard about this yesterday with a deadline of today–I’ll send it off.

Good luck to all of you in your endeavors and I wish you a Happy, healthy, and safe 2018.

–Edited to include the link to the existing anthology.
The Way To My Heart Anthology

Submitted to Smoking Pen Press.

Smoking Pen Press


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