Thoughts on screenwriting

I have a friend who is a movie producer. I’ve known him since grade school, (close to 50 years.) When we were young, we made Super-8 movies and waited patiently for them to be developed so we could watch and learn from our mistakes in order to make the next one better.


He went on to work in TV and movies, and I went on to acting, and although I had to give that life up to pay the bills, I kept writing in order to keep my muse happy.


A few years ago I decided to start sharing the stories I had written and try my hand at getting published. One of the things that helped my story telling, was my decision to enter short story competitions. Several of my stories won rounds, received Honorable Mentions, and have since been published–including my first fully paid-for story.
Having succeeded at that goal, I’ve decided to try screenwriting.
When the desire to begin writing for film hit me, I did the same thing. I entered a NYC Midnight Screenwriting Challenge. (You can read my first screenplay here, A BARBED WIRE ROSE TAKES ROOT)

Although as of the time of this post, I’m still awaiting the results of that entry, my decision to learn and build my reputation by this method, turns out to be a pretty good idea.

My friend–remember him from way back at the top of this post?–sent me an article to read about the business of screenwriting by Chris Salvattera, an executive with HBO and someone who began his career by writing screenplays.


If you’re at all interested in the business, or wish to try your hand, read the article, it’s very informative.
The quote that prompted me to write this post.
“One way to help get your script in people’s inboxes is to do well in a reputable screenwriting contest. It’s a level of vetting your work, especially if you don’t have representation.”

Anything Goes Anthology. This contributors perspective.

Anything Goes book
Late last fall, a submission call came up on the Facebook page for the, Fictions Writers Group. It was for an anthology asking authors to participate in something new, a collaborative project for short stories that all the writers would work on their tales with the help of the others in the group.
 This is the official mission statement of Anything Goes:
The goal of this workshop is to give the participants an opportunity to share honest, friendly feedback that can lead to a well-critiqued and edited anthology to be proud of. Remember – Your work may never be seen by the devoted readers, agents or publishers who are looking for good writers, if their attention is lost before they get to your story. It’s in everyone’s best interest to help each other have fun and create stories the readers can’t put down.
 Now that the book has been published, I believe it was a success.
 Renee’ LaViness was our point person, den mother, hand holder, and soother of frayed egos. She did a phenomenal job keeping the 21 writers from around the world on track and informed of what the next steps were.
 We were encouraged to share our stories as they progressed from raw notes, through first drafts, collaboratively edited and critiqued, to finished book. Each of us not only responsible for completing the story we were going to have included, but for assisting with the, seemingly never-ending, job of editing and fine tuning the work of the others. I learned so much in the eight months we worked on this anthology, it would have taken me years on my own to gain the knowledge all successful authors must master. Proper tense use, punctuation basics, story flow and so many other things that I really thought I knew. It was an honor to be included in the group, I hope everyone else was able to learn from me at least one small thing in repayment for the wealth of knowledge I got from them.
Thank you FWG for encouraging new independent writers. Without the support of the entire family of talented people in the group, I wouldn’t have been able to grow as quickly as I have.
 I’ll be posting my thought process on how my inclusion, Natural State, grew from the seed of an idea, to the fruition of a finished story.
Wayne Hills (Miguel A. Rueda) July, 01, 2014.
Links to the anthology:

I Was: Final part of Chapter 4
Was a long chapter for me to write. I introduced a new character I had not planned on. I just trusted the minions that run the movies in my head and she appeared to be a character that introduces a plot twist that I had not known about.
Interesting how that happens.
Please comment as you see fit.

New Chapter in I Was: My Prior Life
Part one of four for this chapter. They’re all written. Will post them a couple days apart unless someone really wants it sooner. Took a very long time to write and came out very long. Total of all four parts is close to 9,000 words.
Thanks for viewing. Feel free to share.
Please comment!!
Pretty please??
I dare you, double dog dare you even.
I really want some feedback.

Main Story- I Was: My Prior Life.

 This story is the reason I started Blogging my visions in the first place. It will be posted in a separate blog to keep it from getting mixed up with my occasional short stories.

 Please give me feedback, good, bad, indifferent.

I hope it is enjoyed by the readers as much I liked watching it play in my head.

Nonagad: Chapter 9- Temp Finale.

 OK, I’m bailing on this story. It’s lingered too long in my head and the minions that run the movies in there seem to have lost interest.

 Possible endings are as follows:

 Regardless of the ending, Zack sent a team of raiders to the north side of the village to climb the cliff and take the Rook tower. He suspected correctly, that side of the tower would be unguarded.

1) The tribe takes over Home and Ellie assists. Her artificial Intelligence, (AI,) decides that the tribe’s people are better equipped mentally and more physically diverse to keep the town and her systems going. There’s a fight scene, people die, Charlie has to end his father’s life in a similar fashion to how his Uncle died. Very brutal, very touching…

2) Home’s forces successfully fight off the invasion with Ellie’s help. Maybe a big gun hiding in the Rook Tower’s broken clock face. Yes I know I never introduced a broken clock in the tower, should have thought of it sooner. Also big fight scene, blood, carnage, blah-blah-death.

3) Unseen ending. If I continued to write it, only God and the minions in my mind know what would have happened. I think I over thought this story. It was supposed to be short.

The original idea:

 Abandoned military lab which was used to research Nano-bot technology goes into disrepair after some unknown global event. Most likely caused by humans. Ellie is the mainframe that runs the facility and controls the entire base. The Nano-bots are distributed through water she produces. Her people, and those she wants to scan, drink it and she can tell everything about them in addition to being able to control many of their bodily functions.

The invasion was supposed to be thwarted by the bots being ingested by the invaders. The problem was I started to like them and dislike the town’s people. Lost my thread, sorry for anyone who got invested. Pick and ending an let your imagination play it out for you.

Sorry again.

PS. Oh yeah, the name. Nano-God. Played with the letters. Ooo, I’m so witty. They can’t all be gems.