Chronology of the Apocolypse release

Teaser note related to my  two stories included in this collection.

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Alex My son,

Today, on your eighteenth birthday, it’s time you knew the truth about your father.  Jason, the man you know as your dad, my husband, isn’t your father. His brother, the man you know as Uncle Jason, is your real father.

I’ve loved Auggie from the moment we met, but time, and the laws of our society, forced Jason and I to stay married.




Love you,




I Was: Final part of Chapter 4
Was a long chapter for me to write. I introduced a new character I had not planned on. I just trusted the minions that run the movies in my head and she appeared to be a character that introduces a plot twist that I had not known about.
Interesting how that happens.
Please comment as you see fit.

Main Story- I Was: My Prior Life.

 This story is the reason I started Blogging my visions in the first place. It will be posted in a separate blog to keep it from getting mixed up with my occasional short stories.

 Please give me feedback, good, bad, indifferent.

I hope it is enjoyed by the readers as much I liked watching it play in my head.